We pay your suppliers without ever taking ownership or possession of your goods

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Increase volume from your clients without assuming any additional risk

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Not factoring

We finance the cost of goods instead of your selling price of goods

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A Solution that Works

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Bramid Limited steps into the void when traditional bank financing is not meeting your needs. Less onerous and more flexible than factors, we provide the short-term financing needed to procure, manufacture, and sell goods without compromising working capital. Our clients do not forego ownership of the purchased goods and never pay finance charges against their profit margins.

What Our Clients Say

  • "Bramid Limited has been a faithful supplier of short-term funding that has dramatically helped our growing business needs. By lengthening our trade payable maturities, Bramid has enhanced our cash-to-cash cycle and enabled us to forge better relationships with both our buyers and our suppliers. Their operational platform is superb and they have proven to be a big plus for us."

    Eric C., CEO, Global Agricultural Products Distributor
  • “By paying suppliers on our behalf and then giving us up to 120 days to convert our cash-to-cash cycle, Bramid has been an asset in expanding client coverage, increasing revenues and easing liquidity pressure."

    Danielle U., President, International Aircraft Parts Distributor
  • "Bramid Limited is a reliable finance partner that has provided us with a critical cash flow solution. It has meant for us more liquidity, increased sales, and far greater cash management flexibility. Great people to work with."

    Ross N., CEO, Apparel-Related Products Manufacturer
  • “Bramid Limited has been an extremely valuable addition to our current financing partners. They offer a flexible, advantageous, and very facile product that meets our cash flow requirements, particularly at a time when buyers are demanding longer and longer terms from suppliers.”

    Danielle U., President, International Aircraft Parts Distributor

Our Approach

Bramid Limited is focused on providing our customers with a unique trading agreement that assists them with cash flow management. We have consistently grown our client base by delivering timely financing at the first link in the supply chain, building a portfolio of customers of varying sizes across many different industries.


• Are "bankable" and can endure a comprehensive credit review and background check
• Are still growing, but currently do not have access to additional bank financing
• Are in an acceptable industry where sales generate gross margins of at least 10%
• Have a cash-to-cash cycle that does not go beyond 120 days






Bramid Limited


Our trading agreement assists clients with payment to both domestic and international suppliers. Let Bramid Limited help you structure the most cost efficient means to managing your cash flow.

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Supply Chain Solutions Your Answer to Acquisition

We can finance your inventory acquisition and extend your accounts payable terms. We make it possible to grow your business without compromising your cash flow.

Trade Finance How We Can Help

Before you commit to any financing for your business, know the difference between traditional trade finance and supply chain financing through Bramid Limited. Don't leverage your business without learning the facts, talk to Bramid first.

Back Office Support All You Will Need

Our proprietary online trading platform provides customers 24/7 access to a personalized client portal, and our back office support team prides itself on being responsive, reliable, and reactive to all client needs.