About Us

Why Bramid Limited?

Today, there are numerous creative forms of finance available to businesses that want to grow their bottom line but simply don’t have access to any additional bank funding. Your business may have researched these options or even engaged in some of them. But unlike many of these other funding alternatives, Bramid Limited is not a bank and is therefore not seeking balances, payment traffic, letter of credit issuance, FX dealing, or the like. Factors even require that your business put up its money first to acquire goods or inventory, and only then do they fund you—and they do so by discounting your invoices, eating directly into your margins. Our focus is simple—to expand our clients’ cash cycles, and we do it with our own money going into the deal first.

Our unique trading agreement is meant to assist clients with payments to not only international suppliers, but domestic suppliers, as well. If your Chinese supplier needs 20% down, we can cover that. If your supplier in Sacramento normally offers 30-day terms but you can get a 2% discount by having Bramid pay on day one, we can cover that, too. Let Bramid Limited help you structure the most cost-efficient means to managing your cash flow. Documentation is clear and simple, and Bramid will render a decision swiftly, depending upon the quality of the client and the information provided. Over the years, many international businesses have trusted Bramid Limited to lengthen payment terms and bridge the cash-to-cash gap, helping their businesses grow.

About Us

With offices in West Palm Beach, Florida, Bramid Limited has a diverse roster of clients across many different industries, not just in the United States, but around the world. The founders of Bramid Limited have been actively helping businesses achieve growth objectives for over 15 years, bringing to bear decades of experience in international banking and trade finance. Our mission is to be a critical and efficient partner in a client’s cash management program by focusing on the company’s accounts payables.

Our clients are growing companies with annual revenues ranging from $10 million to over $1 billion, and are looking for an alternative or additional source of short-term financing that their current banking relationships cannot or will not provide. Bramid Limited steps into that void with customized financing solutions to help support growing as well as aggressive, mature companies. Our rates are very competitive and our documentation is straight forward.