Affiliate Program

What is the Authorized Affiliate Program?

Bramid Limited appreciates viable leads that result in positive relationships with new companies, and we compensate approved independent agents for such client-sourcing activities. To that end, Bramid Limited has developed a unique Authorized Affiliate Program that rewards agents for opening new lines of business. Compensation to authorized affiliates is provided as a percentage of commissions collected from the client, paid on a monthly basis for a two-year term, and is based on size of the facility, utilization, and tenor. The amount of involvement in maintaining the client relationship ranges from none at all to whatever assistance the agent would like to provide. This program presents authorized affiliates with a great opportunity to bridge the gap for suppliers and buyers with a financing option that can increase the value of the business relationship.

How can we get started?

Just like a traditional lender, Bramid Limited must perform the necessary amount of due diligence before consummating a trading agreement with a new customer. This means that prospective buyers brought to Bramid by an authorized affiliate still must meet with the approval of the supplier. We would personally visit any prospective clients when we begin the application process in order to provide more information about Bramid and our finance solution. If the prospect receives final approval after consulting with the supplier, Bramid would then take the next step and offer a trading agreement to that prospective client. Over the years, we have found our entire process has a briefer turnaround time than other forms of institutional lending. If the prospective buyer would like to proceed, we require only a signature on our paperwork to establish the financing and the formal request for payments to be made to the designated supplier partner. Contact us today to learn more about becoming an Authorized Affiliate.